Our goal is to design a better experience for our clients. We do this by truly listening to your ideas and engaging you throughout the design process.



Victoria Williams, President

Victoria Williams is the owner of VBA Design, an architecture firm with offices located in Panama City, Florida, and Fairhope, Alabama. She has over twenty-four years of experience in architectural design, construction, and construction administration. Link to full bio


Irene Field, VP of Operations

Irene has a unique twenty-five-year background in organizational and event management, marketing, and public relations. Link to full bio


Jeremiah Hatcher, CADD Technician and Production Professional

Jeremiah is a true local of Panama City, Florida and is currently pursuing his engineering degree at Gulf Coast State College.  His experience includes being a certified Draftsman and Link to full bio


Alisha Paul, Marketing Specialist

Alisha comes to us from Mobile, AL with a passion for creativity and a mindset for business. Her career began with a love for art and design Link to full bio


Erica Barnard, Interior & Production Professional

Erica has a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Online Division, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Link to full bio



During my years practicing architecture, I have had the pleasure of helping people take their vision and bring it to fruition as a building that they will live their lives in and through either in a residential capacity, private business, or pubic facility. However, often this process isn’t easy and is riddled with preventable site issues that change smiles to frowns and dreams to nightmares. This book is for anyone that is thinking of buying land, developing land, or adding to or improving land or buildings. This book provides guidance during this process to avoid the pitfalls and baggage that many parcels bring with them. Know what you are buying prior to getting to the closing table

We utilize the same philosophy as the business to guide us in our personal service to our family, community, and our affiliations with our Clients. People should know that their opinions, needs, and vision are welcomed, valid, and pertinent. By including others in the process, a synergy develops and the group is able to achieve greater things than the single individual. This dynamic energy fosters progress in a positive direction, and enriches the individual’s experience. We have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of our professional lives to this purpose and goal of Designing a Better Experience for our Clients, Team Members, and those that inhabit and interface with the built environment